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Here's another argument against the idea that the Roswell debris was exotic:


Skeptic. 459 [vs. 87 (p. 1c)] The following argument shows that there must be something  wrong with the logic leading up to your conclusion that "The materials that were recovered at Roswell in July of 1947, the bodies, and the ship itself were exotic, otherworldly":

460 If the crash was other-worldly, then the government covered it up. 461 If they covered it up, they must have had a reason to do so. 462 But there's no conceivable reason why they would've covered it up, or would still be covering it up--to the contrary, since it would have been the greatest discovery in the history of science, NASA would be elated--they'd go to congress and get more funding. 463 So, the government didn't cover up any crash of an exotic, otherworldly craft.*  And therefore, 464 there was no such crash.*


465 In fact, people have suggested possible reasons for the cover-up. [from the general UFO text....] Here's a list:

A. 466 The government would want to figure out how the saucers work so that they might duplicate them. But since they don't want enemy nations duplicating them, they keep what they learn secret.

B. 467 The government would want to figure out how the saucers work so that they might protect the U.S. against enemy nations that are duplicating the alien technology--again, the U.S. would want to keep what it learns secret, so as not to assist enemy efforts.

C. 468 If the government made an announcement, if there was disclosure, some people might "lose it," they would be psychologically damaged by the knowledge. Or, there could be panic.

D. 469 The stock market, reacting to the public mood of uncertainty that would result from disclosure, would plunge.

E. 470 People would begin to see themselves as citizens of the Earth, rather than as Americans. But the American government wants to foster nationalism.

F. 471 Some religious fundamentalists have proclaimed that humans are the universe's only sentient race, and that flying saucers can only be the work of the devil. Their ministries, it is said, would suffer from disclosure--many of these leaders are politically powerful, and might influence the government's decision to cover up the facts.

G. 472 Any government announcement would entail an admission that the government has been lying for decades--they would not want to admit that.

H. 473 Disclosure might lead to alien technologies inspiring new methods in the areas of transportation, energy, communication, etc.--new developments that could give rise to overly rapid economic changes and thus economic chaos.

I. 474 If the U.S. military had over the years made efforts to shoot those craft down, but had lost aircraft and pilots in the attempts, the government might not want the public to know how useless our weapons are against alien technology.

I find most interesting the following possibility:

J. 475 It seems clear that if the aliens are here, then they want to do their work in secret (or, perhaps more accurately, they want to have control over who knows about them). It seems reasonable to suppose, then, that the aliens themselves have coerced the government, in one way or another, to impose a coverup.*

To follow the discussion on this topic, go to "The 'They Wouldn't Keep It Secret' Argument" in the General UFO Book.






463. 461, 462 MT

464. 460, 462 MT   from an argument advanced by Michael Shermer

475. Much of this list is taken from Stanton Friedman's "The UFO Why Questions."







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