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You can help us operate the Truth Engine, a tool that we will use in order to build and manage a super-mind together. On this page are  step-by-step instructions for how you can join us in this work.



1. Go to the Logos home page > click on THE TRUTH ENGINE BOOKS,  then go to the book you want to read. (So far, there's only "Roswell".)  --  or just go directly to the Truth Engine contents page, and then go to the book you want to read.


2. Come up with some rough ideas for submissions--make notes on paper; jot down page and line numbers. Don't make any submissions yet.


3. Pick one idea and, as you work on composing your submission, consult the first two pages (the "Basic Guide") of the Guide for Dialecticians in order to make sure that, in composing your submission, you're following Trilogue Rules #1 and #2.  (Any submission that isn't in compliance with these rules stands to be summarily rejected.) To gain deep insight into these rules, read the "Mastership Guide" section of  the Guide for Dialecticians (starting on page 3).


4 Write and rewrite your submission, taking care to be clear and concise (it should be as succinct as possible). Make sure of your grammar and spelling. Add citations where relevant. As you write out your suggestion, be sure to label, using the superscript numbers at the beginning of each statement, the statements you are changing or referencing.


When you're ready to submit your proposed amendment:


5. Put your suggestion in the body of an email, put "Suggestion for the Truth-Engine book" in the title field, and email the suggestion to rcrist@truthenginebook.com. (All submissions become the property of the Truth Engine.)




© Richard Crist, 2007