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The Truth Engine is located in the Hudson Valley, New York.

Director: Dr. Richard Crist.



I received my doctorate in philosophy from the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center in 2001. I have taught philosophy and logic in New York City--at Hunter College and at City College--and have taught professional ethics at Ulster County Community College.

My area of specialty is aesthetics -- my dissertation was called Unity and Variety in Painting, In this dissertation, I maintain that long-esteemed paintings are long-esteemed because of the fact that there is a balance of unity and variety among their abstract elements.

The architecture of my Truth Engine also involves a blending of opposites. The Truth Engine is composed, as is the human mind, of a thinking, discursive part, and of a feeling, intuitive part. These parts are integrated together in the Truth Engine, connected by something I call the Logikon, which has features of both.

I intend also, by encouraging people to use the Truth Engine, to play a part in getting rid of those existing oppositions which are made manifest in public controversy among good people   My goal is to deal with such discord, not by ignoring it or by facilitating compromise, but by resolving it through the revelation, via Truth Engine argument, of what’s really true, what’s really good, and what’s really beautiful.  Empowered with more and more such knowledge, good people will become more and more able to bring ever more happiness to this world.

I live in upstate New York, near the Hudson River.




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