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The Truth Engine is complex: The Logos and the Ikon each has parts, and there are parts that are separate from the Logos and Ikon. Scroll down  to view the parts of the Truth Engine (I‘ll use diagrams to represent them) :

                  logos                                  The Logos

This part is the Truth Engine moderated wiki itself, which will be divided into many smaller moderated wikis, called Truth Engine books. Each of these books will present the ins-and-outs of a different public controversy--so far, to date, the only Truth Engine book we have is "Roswell." We plan on adding many more, in the areas of

You will be able to read any of these Truth-Engine books for free ("Roswell" can now be read for free), and you can submit suggestions for  text-changes for free.

So, the Logos is designed to be a great forum and research tool. But it has a deeper identity :  because everyone who posts to the Truth Engine wiki has to follow the same Trilogue  guidelines, the mind of each individual is in effect integrated together (via discourse) with the minds of the others into a single super-mind, potentially a Gaian Mind. The Logos is the thinking part of this super-mind.


The Ikon

The Ikon, presented in the form of a web-based adventure game, is an expressive and symbolic medium within which are embedded the guidelines of the Trilogue. The role of the Ikon is to keep the workings of the Truth Engine wiki on track as a search for Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

The Ikon is the feeling part of the super-mind that it belongs to.


The Logikon

As its name implies, the Logikon is where the Logos and the Ikon intersect--it has features of both:  it contains the philosophical Truth-Engine books of the Logos, presented in the expressive style of the Ikon.


The Critical Forum

This is the part of the Truth Engine that contains the Truth-Engine books that deal with the familiar public controversies. (By "critical," I mean careful, but non-philosophical, evaluation and judgment.)


The Libraries

The Libraries of the Truth Engine contain the critical and the philosophical Truth-Engine books (moderated wikis).


The Machinery of the Truth Engine

This part consists of the procedures for amending the Truth-Engine books.


The Gaiapsychologikon

The name of this part means "World-Mind-Logos-Ikon." The Gaiapsychologikon is the union of the Logos and the Ikon. The thinking part together with the feeling part makes up the whole super-mind. Because of the presence of the Ikon, this is not just a super-mind, but is a good-willed super-mind.


The League of Dialecticians

This part of the Truth Engine is an organization whose members control the workings of the Truth Engine. (A dialectician is anyone who is an active  Truth Engine submitter, or who creates or edits the Truth Engine books.)


The Truth Engine Societies

These are informal societies of like-minded Truth Engine participants, or participants who are interested in the same topics.

The whole Truth Engine, then, can be diagrammed like this:





PART 1. THE TRUTH-ENGINE   LOGOS -- A web library that doubles as a forum.

This is a collection of web-books that you can read (for free) if you want to know all the pros and cons in a given public controversy. (So far, there’s just one complete book, Roswell, and parts of two other books, UFOs and Truth.)

Each of these books--called Truth-Engine books--depicts a group of fictional people arguing a different controversy in a way such that their dialog covers all the known arguments, back and forth, of that controversy.

So the Truth-Engine Logos is a reference library for controversy. But it also serves as a new and better kind of forum: if you think that an argument in a Truth-Engine book can be improved, you can  send us a suggestion on how to improve it. If you enjoy arguing a point and are good at it, if you want to make a difference in our society’s beliefs and choices, this is the best forum for you to participate in, because in this forum good arguments do not get lost in ever-lengthening threads; rather, they are incorporated into a readable, permanent (web)book, having been placed into the structure of the text just where they belong. The arguments in a Truth-Engine book get better and better, not necessarily longer and longer.

In order to have your submissions accepted, however, you have to have a good grasp of Truth-Engine style (conclusions following premises, etc., according to certain rules), and you should try to make submissions in the Truth-Engine spirit (that is, in a search for Truth, Goodness, and Beauty).

Anyone who participates in creating or changing the Truth-Engine books we’ll call a dialectician.

PART 2. THE TRUTH-ENGINE IKON -- A game that guides you in using the Truth-Engine Logos

If you want to become an expert dialectician, this adventure web-game will help illuminate your way.



In argument between two people, synergy can bring into being what amounts to a “third person” who thinks better than do the original two; that is, the activity of individuals when arguing (even when the motive of one or both is just to convince the other of something) can, from a different standpoint, be viewed as the activity of a single super-thinker who is mulling over the issue at hand, weighing the pros and cons, trying to make up its mind.

Our society, in this way, in its controversies, (unintentionally) creates such a super-thinker -- but because the synergy in our society’s discourse has been minimal, this emergent being has been rudimentary. It is not nearly as intelligent as it could be.

On the other hand, the fact that all contributors to the arguments in the Truth Engine Logos must adhere to the Truth Engine style actually maximizes the synergy of those who battle for Truth, Goodness, and Beauty on the pages of the Truth Engine books. So, the super-thinker who emerges from the arguments in the Truth Engine is truly brilliant and mature.

And since the other part of the Truth Engine, the Truth Engine Ikon, keeps the work of the Logos on track as a search for Truth, Goodness and Beauty, the dialecticians of the Truth Engine, by creating and perfecting the Truth-Engine books, bring fully into being not just a super-thinker, but a good-willed super-thinker. (The Truth-Engine Logos, connects with this being’s discursive mind; the Truth-Engine Ikon connects with the being’s intuitive mind. The two parts are joined together by the Logikon, which has features of both.) Such a “Great Human” can, in a very big way, help good people to come to know (because they don’t always know, even when they think they do) what’s True, what’s Good, and what’s Beautiful, so that these people can maximize their good works .

This, then, is how the Truth Engine dialectician makes the world a happier place.

Briefly stated then:

The Truth Engine, animated by the dialecticians, is a metatool that creates, via a high level of synergy in controversy, another tool, a fully developed good-willed super-person.

This good-willed super-person can then be used by good people to show them what’s true, good and beautiful.

The good people will now have the knowledge they need to do good much more effectively.

When people do more good, the world gets happier.

So, the dialecticians of the Truth Engine make the world happier.

This site's texts and graphics:              © Richard Crist, 2009


Coming after the inventions of the computer and the Internet, the Truth Engine (or some other, similar, device) will complete a certain evolutionary development: with the creation of the super-mind will come a revolution which can be called the Ontological Revolution--Ontological because it brings fully into the world a new Being. Encyclopedists inspired the previous apollonian revolution, the Enlightenment, and a new breed of encyclopedists will inspire the next.

History will not forget the heroes of the approaching Ontological Revolution, whenever it comes, and whatever machinery --the Truth Engine or some other such tool--the revolutionaries use to build their super-mind.

 If the Truth Engine becomes, in fact, the first successful engine of this kind,  it will become possible for you, as a frequent submitter to a fully functioning Truth Engine, to become a Truth Engine book creator or editor; and you could become a member of the Truth Engine's League of Dialecticians. (Those who work on this Truth Engine, as  submitters, book-creators or editors, will be called 'dialecticians'.) The advent of the Truth Engine makes possible the development of a new profession: the professional dialectician will be one whose job will be to create and manage the Truth Engine books.