Click on the picture to move around in the scene.

This game: © Richard Crist, 2009

        This game is the iconography of the Truth Engine. Your task  in this part of the game is to open the Ceana Gate near the front door of the House of the Logician. Explore your environment, open doors, etc., and look for clues.

        Browsers have what's called a "JavaScript" capability that can be turned on or off. To view this game properly, you have to have your JavaScript turned on. It probably is on, but it might not be. To find out if it's on, click here.  If you then see a message saying that your JavaScript is on, just press OK, and you'll know that you can play the game--but, on the other hand, if nothing happens, you'll have to turn your JavaScript on in order to play the game: To learn how to turn your JavaScript on, click here .

        When you click to get a closer look at the machines in the cabinet, you may have to wait for a few seconds while the next scene loads.

        After you get the hidden key, it will show up beneath the image. You may have to scroll down to see it.

        In this game, there's a portal to the Logikon, which itself can be thought of as a real-life game, a game of truth.  You'll be able to suggest changes to the Logikon. The Logikon is, in fact, a new kind of forum.  As in a game, you'll have to play by the rules, or your submission to the Logikon will probably not be accepted.