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This part of the Truth Engine is where you can find the library of Truth Engine Books.


Each Truth Engine book is a moderated wiki that presents the ins-and-outs of a different public controversy. So far, the only Truth Engine book on this site is "Roswell" (see below). The Truth Engine books are collaborative web-books. Any visitor to this site can follow the debates in any Truth Engine book as the arguments unfold over time on the changing pages of the book, and can submit ideas directly to us for strengthening the arguments of any Truth Engine book, or ideas for adding new arguments, pro or con, to any Truth Engine book. If you make a submission and we agree that your idea has merit, we will amend the relevant book so that it will reflect the changes you suggested--and you will be credited for these changes. All this is free.

As a submitter to a Truth Engine book you are not just a poster to a message board; rather, you are a collaborative author and should take time to develop a high quality submission.  Keep in mind that your contribution may remain part of the book's text for a long time, perhaps permanently.

Note that all submissions will become the property of the Truth Engine.

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At present, only the first chapter of the first Truth Engine book is available. The book is called UFO and its first chapter is called "Roswell." . More chapters are planned for this book: "The Carter Case, " " Washington, D.C., 1952," "Exeter, " and "Portage County." You will be able to submit suggested changes to all of these chapters when they go online.


In July (some say June) of 1947, New Mexico rancher Mac Brazel came across a pasture strewn with debris. He took samples of the material into Roswell and showed them to Chavez County Sheriff, George Wilcox and then to Major Jesse Marcel, ranking staff officer in charge of intelligence at the Roswell Army Air Field. Marcel and another officer went to the site and took more of the debris back to the base with them.

The military then announced that a "flying disc" had been recovered, but soon reversed itself and stated that what Brazel had found was nothing more than an ordinary weather balloon and train.

Many witnesses, however, including  Marcel himself, many years later testified publicly that the materials were in fact otherworldly, alien. A debate now rages as to whether or not the Roswell debris was exotic, and as to whether or not it was the remains of a crashed flying saucer.

This "Roswell" chapter of the collaborative web-book called UFO  presents the ins-and-outs of the Roswell debate.


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